What is the difference between a solicitor and a notary public?

When it comes to legal matters, chances of fraud can occur and that’s why people choose the assistance of a notary public who will act as a witness during the signing processes.Legal forms may vary depending on the matter and if caution isn’t taken care of during the signing process, fraud can occur. They are appointed to act as impartial witness when there is need. Prior to choosing a notary public in Lancashire you must consider various factors to keep fraud at bay which are:

  • Is the notary public aware of what you want to get signed?
  • The year of experience of the notary public.
  • Is the public notary insured? Errors and Omissionsinsurance must be provided.
  • Is the notary public detailed about Lancashirelaws when it comes to this procedure?
  • The expiry date of the notary’s commission.

Offended or Not

If you ask a publicnotary any of the above questions and he/she gets annoyed, avoid him/her completely. An experienced notary public in Lancashire is the one who is ready to answer all your questions with diligence. The main reason for this is to make sure that the notary public who is the official of integrity will help in preventing your documents from being disputed in future dates.

Notary Public Specialization

Public notaries do cover different legal matters and it’s ideal to choose that who has specialized. They can act as witness when administering oaths, loan document signing, signing deeds of trust documents, court testimony and also to authenticate legal documents. You should choose a notary public in Lancashire who has expertise on one of these based on your needs.

As a Form of Justice of Peace

The work of these professionals is towitness that a document is signed in the right way to avoid fraud. This means that they can be found just next to the court of law. You can choose that who is next to the court you are supposed to attend to based on your legal issues. On the other hand, you can choose a reputable one that offers mobile service.


The internet can never be left out when looking for every service. Notary public can be found online and the good news is that you can base your search locally. You will be provided with all the public notaries in Lancashire. To select the best, just have a review of what their past clients are saying. Choose those who have been lauded by their past clients for offering commendable service.

Choosing a notary public in Lancashire should never be a hard nut to crack to anyone seeking their services. Just adhere to the above ideas and you will never have a rough time.