Drink Driving and Why You Need the Services of a Solicitor

No matter whom you are or what you are doing, anyone can find himself charged with a motoring offense related to alcohol. If an injury or road accident occurs, drink driving can be one of the most serious motoring offenses. Police will basically require you to undergo tests to confirm the percentage of alcohol in your body. If convicted, you are likely to face an automatic disqualification from driving for at least 1 year. This can even be longer depending on whether an accident was involved or whether there were other aggravating features.

If you rely on your vehicle for work or for family issues, then this could be a very serious issue. For instance, this can mean that you are not able to continue with your work or take care your children to school. A conviction can, therefore, affect your life a great deal. The penalty that you get will normally depend on the percentage of alcohol in your body and whether there are any other features such as an injury or an accident. Apart from these, you will be required to pay a victim surcharge and prosecution costs. More so, if you are involved in a second offense within 10 years then you will be given a minimum 3 years ban.

The good thing is that you can always seek the services of a drink driving solicitor. As specialists, they will use their expertise to secure you the best outcome in this case. These might include acquittal if you are not guilty, the avoidance of disqualification, and in some serious cases the avoidance of custodial sentences. A drink driving solicitor actually has an outstanding experience of defending those who feel that they have been wrongly accused. They will look through all the elements of your charge sheet and advise you accordingly. They actually strive to ensure that you get the best outcome.

They will take their time to explain the process and the likely thing that can happen is the worst case scenario. They actually understand that these matters might affect your business, career, and family. Whatever the circumstances, a drink-driving solicitor will provide you with the best services if you are facing drink driving offense. If you are feeling like pleading guilty you need to call them so that they can advise you on the best way to go about this.

Moreover, they usually charge affordable fees that you can pay to ensure that you stay safe and continue with your normal activities.