Mini Digger Hire For All Your Smaller Projects

Mini excavators are designed for various job sizes in compact spaces and heavy traffic areas. Mini diggers have the performance and versatility to take on any small excavating task with almost no limit to what can be achieved with its smooth control and excellent stability.

As a leading sales and plant hire company, we supply the construction, waste management, demolition, and recycling industries with specialist machines for a variety of applications, including mini digger hire.

Mini diggers deliver class performance for their size with a reliable smooth operation and muscle power that gets the job done efficiently and safely. They are ideal for most digging projects and capable of some serious breaking work with the fitment of a breaker attachment. Mini excavators are the diggers of choice for small excavation jobs in the building industry and the utility sector due to their excellent arm reach, immense stability, and high reliability.

Mini Digger Applications

Mini excavators are perfect for making light work of tasks that would take too long to do by hand. They are ideal for the following:

– Pavement use due their compact size.
– Ideal for use on construction sites where larger excavators are either too big or impractical to use.
– Capable of fitting through small entrances like fence panels or back gates.
– Extracting tree roots and stumps.
– Excavating soil for driveway and garden installation.
– Digging trenches.
– Breaking out areas such as concrete that are too hard to do by hand.

Mini excavators can be used for reconstruction in confined spaces such as existing buildings, where necessary, to remove concrete flooring or to dig trenches to lay foundations for new walls. They are excellent for digging trenches when laying foundations for new buildings and they are indispensable for landscaping of new gardens at newly constructed buildings such as shaping and leveling large areas for lawns, modeling garden layouts, or digging holes for planting trees.

Mini diggers come standard with a full set of digging, grading, ditching, and trenching buckets and we stock a range of accessories such as augurs, breakers, and post-knockers that may be required to complete a particular task. Loading and unloading is safe due to the hydraulic system that ensures the digger travels straight during operations.

Our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise are at your disposal to help you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective mini digger hire for your project.